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Turner moment_1

Spectacular vista! The garden is abuzz in glorious revery. Nothing to be accomplished, nowhere to go. Sit down or join in the dance, there is no path to be followed, you’ve never left, we’ve awaited your return. Dry your eyes, it was only a dream.


With warm gratitude to Bob O’Hearn, a brillant writer and constant inspiration.


Strato-Afternoon_webThis image was captured 5 years ago on July 4, 2009. I hiked to the top of the hill behind the hacienda and I had the overwhelming sensation that if I could just go a few feet higher I could actually reach out and touch this delightful Strato Cumulus cloud. It was right there!

Postcard From Nowhere

Postcard-from-nowhereParked in traffic coming back from Vegas a couple of years ago and looked off to the south to behold this spectacular vista. I might have missed this had we been flying along at 80mph. Sometimes we need to force ourselves to slow down in order to see the world as it truly is.