jeffs zen garden

December 26, 2014

Recently I awoke from a dream and found myself completely paralyzed. Although helpless to move I was still able to look directly ahead to the pillow on my cheek, the white, sun mottled wall beyond and the tan carpet below. I could hear voices in conversation behind me. I had no interest in what they were saying but the sound of their voices were familiar and reassuring. I began to force myself to move my legs, pulling with my mind as hard as I possibly could trying to will my paralyzed body into motion. As I struggled my mouth opened and I began to moan as a baby does when stirring from a nap. With this I woke up in my bed, my beloved sleeping next to me and the room filling with Sunday morning sunlight.

It was not at all stressful and when I arose I was in a perfect state of relaxation. Since then I find that I am frequently moving in and out of this dream we call the “waking world” as well.

I am seeing that within this waking dreamland I am powerless to move as well. I can only witness. Waking within this dream state is simply the complete realization that this too is a dream and total acceptance of my perfectly natural position as witness to the dream.

Which has led to the only logical conclusion, that’s why we are here in dreamland!

Dreamland_Exhibit_A“Witness to Dreamland; Exhibit A”
©2014 Jeff’s Zen Garden


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