The Circle Dance

On the surface of a sphere any point may be regarded as the center. We exist in a curved universe, on one point of a spinning galaxy, all driven by one vast and incalculable energy. This one energy pulses in a perpetual vibration of on and off. As this energy vibrates it spins, much like we spin when we dance.

As an aperture through which this one energy manifests itself, all temporal organic life in the universe is likewise vibrating and spinning in a perpetual cycle of growth, creation and expansion; decay, destruction and contraction. As this process is simply an expression of a single energy, it cannot go toward or away from itself or move in opposition to anything else.

As an inextricable part of this organic process, we are subject to all aspects of this eternal dance of energy. From a limited point in time and space it may appear that the dance is moving toward some future, more advanced or degraded position. This appearance is merely an optical illusion of consciousness, a phantom by-product of memory and the ability to engage in abstract thought. Nothing more.

Zen presents a challenge to awaken from this illusion. Having awoken, all notions of past and future, success and failure, better or worse, self and other, naturally disappear, as a mirage simply fades away when the aperture through which it is viewed changes position.

Leaving nothing but the circle dance.

The Geometry of Nature ~ Art from Jeff's Zen Garden

The Geometry of Nature ~ Art from Jeff’s Zen Garden



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